Judging a Book by its Cover

This is a friend of mine and I am so excited to help her promote her upcoming book!

Emma Lea

Walk of Shame

I have a confession to make…I judge books by their covers.  I know I shouldn’t, we are warned against doing it our entire lives, but I just can’t help it.  I admit to having bought a book just because of the cover (The Harry Dresden Files are case in point (the old covers, not the new ones)) I like my books to be pretty, I like nicely designed covers and above all, I like the covers of books in a series to match!

I also judge books by their names.  I have been known to buy a book simply because the title was intriguing (The Name of the Wind is a perfect example).

I have also bought books because of the author’s name (insert Joe Abercrombie here).

There is so much that a book has to say with just the front cover…BEFORE the buyer turns the book over to read the…

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