The Storm and the Sea

The sky above dark
The clouds bruised and swollen
The little boat floundering
Adrift on the roiling sea

The ocean below heaving
The wind howling unrelenting
Wave crashed after wave
Over port and bow

She stood at the helm
Her hands clutched to the wheel
Her shoulders hunched
And arms straining

She heard the snap and crack
Sail and mast taught and strained
The stinging needles of salt spray
Mixed with tears on her cheeks

The little white boat
So proud when moored at berth
Now alone and broken
Tossed carelessly by the storm

The water loomed menacingly
Towering over the yacht
It grinned wickedly
Before smashing the craft to bits

Her safe haven gone
With nothing left to cling to
She drifted on the churning sea
All alone all alone

She drowned in the sea
All alone in the sea
The storm was too big
With no one there to save her


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