Do the Hard Things


Today is a hard day.  Today I have to do something that I dread.  Just the thought of it makes my stomach queasy and my heart race.  To other people what I have to do today may not seem hard, but for me, it is one of the hardest…

It doesn’t matter what it is, to me this is a hard thing.  It is something that I have to do, in fact I am required by law to do, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  This thing fills me with so much fear that I avoided doing it for a whole year and then it caught up with me and now it is even harder.  I had hoped that by sticking my head in the sand and flying under the radar that I could go on living in denial, but things don’t happen that way, eventually it catches up with you.

When we do the hard things we actually free ourselves.  When we avoid the hard things they become like chains around our necks and they drag us down.  I thought that by ignoring this particular hard thing, my life would be easier…but it wasn’t.  I didn’t sleep properly, I worried constantly and there was always this haunting feeling surrounding me, waiting for the other shoe to drop and then it did and it was bad and now I have to live with the consequences.

I pride myself on the way I face up to my responsibilities, even when they are hard, but in this one area I failed.  Instead of doing the hard thing, I hid from it and my hard-fought integrity took a hit.  I allowed the fear to rule me, I allowed the fear to win.  I allowed the fear of the hard thing to stain my character and to rob me of my honesty and integrity.  I allowed fear to change me.

Change that is born from fear is never a good thing.  When fear dictates your actions, it eats away at you little by little until all that remains is a husk of your former self.  Fear steals the very essence of who you are and robs you of your potential.  Do the hard things.

Doing the hard thing strengthens you, it reinforces your character and integrity and it changes you…for the better.  With every decision to do the hard thing when you could do the easy thing, you become a better person, a better partner, a better student, a better spouse, a better human being.  Doing the hard thing makes your life easier.

And when you’ve done that hard thing, when you have faced your fear and stood your ground…reward yourself.  Give yourself a pat on the back and say, “Well done” because doing the hard thing isn’t easy and we need to be proud of ourselves when we stand up to our fears.  You’ve done a hard thing, now be kind to yourself…chocolate helps.


4 thoughts on “Do the Hard Things

  1. Great post! This is so right on. Facing our fears and problems head on brings so much peace and freedom, even if the act of facing them does suck sometimes.

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