Raise Your Words



31 Days of Blogging – Day 11



I just read an article on Mamamia written by Charlie Pickering about Priorities.

The gist of the article is that media attention and Government action is skewed to report only “exciting” or “new” issues (for example The King Hit/Cowrad Punch phenomenon and the spate of shark attacks) when in fact there are other serious issues that happen more often but get overlooked.

I agreed with everything he wrote.

70 women a year die in domestic related attacks.  More than one a week.  This is not reported on our nightly news.

But this is not what really got my attention.  After reading the article, I read the comments…bad move.  I often scroll through comments on an article that interests me and I always regret it.  The level of verbal abuse that is found on comments boards surprises me and angers me.  I don’t understand why people feel the need to be so derogatory towards another person because of their opinions or beliefs.  I thought that we as a society were better than that.

Charlie Pickering was trying to shine a light on an issue that festers because of the darkness that surrounds it and he got slammed by it.  Why? Because people were offended that he was standing up for women who are abused but did not mention men that suffer from domestic violence.

If we as a society continue to pull down those who try to raise issues because our issue isn’t being addressed, then nothing will be fixed.  We can’t be everything to everybody.  I can’t, as an individual, fix all of the world’s problems, but I can make a difference in one.  If I am persecuted because I try to make a difference with my issue, what hope is there that I will succeed?

Domestic violence against men is real and it is wrong and it needs to be demystified.  This doesn’t happen by pulling down someone who is campaigning for a different issue, it happens by taking a leaf out of Charlie’s book and raising the awareness of it.  Pulling down others for standing up for what they believe in is never ok and it is especially wrong when you are trying to raise awareness of another issue.  All it does is leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who witness it and damages the issue you are trying to help.  These issues should not be in competition with each other, they all deserve a fair hearing and the proponents of each should not be attacking each other, they should be supporting each other.

We need to raise our words; elevate our language. Not raise our voice and try to shout someone else down.


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