It’s not an obsession…

31 Days of Blogging – Day 9


A couple of posts ago I wrote about re-reading a book that was the fourth in a series and I didn’t understand why the fourth book was written…(refresh your memory here)…well I finished it (for the second time) and I was left scratching my head.  It finished in such a way as to point to a fifth book!  So I Googled it, and there is indeed a fifth book AND a planned sixth! I still don’t know why these three books needed to be written, the third book wrapped everything up, but I still have to read them.  I did not really enjoy the fourth and the reviews of the fifth are really bad, but I can’t help myself, I need to read them.

This got me thinking about the other little quirks I have.  All my books in my library (and there are quite a few of them) are alphabetised by author and in genres.  I get grumpy when the publishers of a series of books I’m reading decide to change the covers half way through.  All my cooking magazines are in chronological order according to the date of publishing and then in alphabetical order according to there titles.  My cook books are organised by course and then by size.  Our DVD collection is also  alphabetised by title.  I have specific drawers for my clothes.  I don’t do the washing very often (my wonderful husband does it) but when I do, I have a very specific way of doing it; all the underwear and pajamas are washed together, the shirts and dresses are washed together, the pants, shorts and skirts are washed together, and, if possible, lights, darks and multicolours are washed separately.  I also have a specific way of hanging them on the line…maybe this is why Gavin does the washing now.

These are my little quirks and although they may seem funny, it annoys me when my patterns get messed up.  I like things to be even and symmetrical.  I prefer even numbers to odd unless they are prime numbers and then that is ok.  If I’m making anything, I like to make an even amount.  If I am having people over, I like there to be an even amount of people.  I need to read books in the order they are written and I need to read the whole series.  In some respects, if I lived alone I would be even worse.  My family are not like me.

They laugh at my need to alphebetise and don’t get why I need things a certain way, but they keep me grounded.  They keep me from becoming obsessed about the little things.  It is so easy to become so focused on the little details that it paralyses you and you can’t see the big picture.  My messy, testosterone filled family stop the crazy from taking over.  Because of them I am not obsessed, just intensely dedicated 🙂



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