The Third Day

31 Days of Blogging – Day 3

Today was an RDO! Yay! A day off, a day to sleep in, a day to do whatever I want…well to some degree anyway.  Gavin and I always try to have at least one day off a week together and today was that day.

I woke up at 4:30am…my body clock doesn’t know what an RDO is.  I snoozed for a bit and checked Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest on my phone for a bit and I researched some recipes for a bit and then at about 5:50am I got out of bed and headed downstairs to my computer.  Although it is a day off, I still had some work to do…not much though.  We had to drop some supplies into each shop (all that Coldbrew that I made yesterday) and decided that we may as well have breakfast at one of them while we were there and before our 9:15am appointment.

The staff working hard

The staff working hard

Before we could leave though, I needed to do some printing.  I had to print some new price tags for a couple of new salads we had started at Panino and I also had to do, what I call, “build lists” for these new salads.  Build lists are what we use to create the items on our menus.  If you walk into either of our cafes’ kitchens you will find the walls plastered with our build lists.  Every item on our menu has a build list and it is a step by step process on how to “build” a particular item.  They are similar to recipes but are set out in such a way that you can read and build as you go.  We do it so everyone knows how to make any new items, so that there is consistency in everything we produce, so that new people can learn quickly and so that there is a specific process for everything we do for efficiency and accuracy.  Sounds OCD doesn’t it, but it means that we can have confidence to know that when we are not there, things are getting done the way we want them done.  I am very passionate about my brand and the way a menu item is made and presented helps to create and maintain our brand.  There is nothing worse than going to a cafe everyday and ordering the same thing and each time it comes out different.  Having comprehensive build lists goes a long way to preventing this.

Light Start


After finishing my printing and laminating, we loaded the car with Coldbrew and headed out at about 7am.  We headed to Fresh first and I had a chat with our coffee supplier, Craig.  Great guy and always gives us great service.  He was working out a way for us to save money on our coffee cups (what supplier would do that???) and let me know that last week Panino had gone through 30 kilos of coffee beans.  I knew we had gone through a lot, but that was incredible!  We normally average about 15 kilos, so we had doubled the amount of coffee we normally sell.  So amazing, I’m still floored by it.

After saying hello and goodbye to our staff we headed to Panino for breakfast.  We have recently updated our menu for summer and we added a new breakfast item called “Light Start”.  It is a toasted ciabatta with ricotta, rocket and fresh tomato…I am a little bit obsessed with it and it has become my favourite breakfast to have on my day off.

After breakfast we had a few minutes to kill, so we headed for Alex hill to take in the scenery.  Living in such a beautiful place means that you sometimes take it for granted and don’t take time to enjoy it.

The view from Alex

The view from Alex

After our little moment to enjoy paradise, we headed off to our 9:15am appointment.  We have a standing appointment every week that is probably the only reason we can keep up the pace of our busy lifestyle.  It may seem extravagant to some, but to us it is a necessity…it keeps us sane.  We have a guy…I don’t quite know how to explain what he does.  We say that it is a massage, but it is not like any massage you would normally get.  It is a treatment that comes from a tradition of treating martial arts and other sports related injuries

these robust treatments have evolved as an effective means of healing and returning martial artists back into the training and fighting arena.

I am fond of saying that I need these treatments due to the high level of martial arts that I am involved in (tongue in cheek of course).  We have been seeing him for about three years and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my weekly treatment. (If you are interested, check him out Joost’s Sports Injury Clinic)

Gavin receiving his treatment

Gavin receiving his treatment

With our bodies realigned we headed home.  My car temp gauge said it was 33 ºc so we decided to head straight home and put our feet up.  That’s what we did 🙂 We spent the rest of the afternoon watching tv and reading and napping (except for the bit were we had to do the rosters for next week which takes a couple of hours) and then we headed down to the pool for a well deserved swim.  That was day 3.


The pool


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