January 2 2014

31 Days of Blogging – Day 2

Today was one of those days…one of those days that you wish you would hurry up and be over so that you could relegate it to the very far reaches of your memory, never to be seen or heard from again.

I was woken by my alarm at 4am…something that doesn’t often happen.  I found it extremely difficult to get out of bed and was very reluctant to start my day and things just went downhill from there.

So, I left home at 4:37am and it was still relatively dark and a balmy 22 ℃.


When I arrived at work th kitchen was just under 31 ℃ and that was before I had turned on any heating appliances.


It is surprising how much heat the fridge motors create.

I made a batch of my famous muffins (mango, white chocolate & macadamia today…don’t ask me for the recipe, it is a secret),

muffin    juice

I made myself a nice, healthy juice (apple, celery & ginger) and when the coffee machine was ready, I opened the doors.

Work was busy and in my state of mind, I didn’t cope very well.  Normally I take it in my stride but today my tiredness got the better of me.  I would like to say that I rose to the challenge and turned it all around, but I didn’t.  When there was a lull, I took myself outside and called my husband.  He nearly always grounds me and today he was my saviour.  With a deep breath I went back into the fray, my nerves still a little frazzled, but determined to pick my game up.

One thing I have learned in business is that the leader determines the atmosphere – in our case, whoever is running the shift.  If the person who is in authority is tired/cranky/grumpy or generally out of sorts it effects the whole team and the atmosphere in the store is noticably flat.  Luckily, the opposite is also true.  I always try to go into work with a positive and upbeat outlook, but today I failed miserably. But Gavin came in a saved the day, getting me back on track and lifting the whole team.  By the time my shift was over, things were looking up.

I headed home at about 11:30am, stopping at the IGA on the way to pick up milk.  Even though my shift was over, my working day was not yet complete…I had to make some Cold Brew.  If you woant to know more about Cold Brew, I wrote a post about it on my other blog here…check it out!

The whole process of producing our Blacksheep Cold Brew isn’t particularly hard, it is just time consuming.  The coffee steeps for 24 hours, but I had some that I had prepared earlier.  We bottle a few different flavours and with it being so busy and hot at the moment, I decided to do a whole compliment of flavours…seven in all.  I make all our flavoured syrups and discovered on arriving home that I had to make two of them…caramel and vanilla.  I also had to wash the bottles to sterilise them, so I got the syrups starting and loaded the dishwasher.

With the flavoured syrups finished and cooling, I then had to print the labels.  We hand label all our bottles and for us it is a two-step process.  We have to print and cut the labels and the cut contact to size and cover each label with contact before applying them to the bottles…ok so maybe it is more than a two steps.


Now with the bottles washed and labeled and ready to go, I manually mix each flavour, fill the bottles, apply the caps and put them in the fridge.  Four and a half hours from when I started, I now have 50 bottles of delicious Blacksheep Cold Brew.


That was my day and when I have finished this blog post I am going to go for a swim in my pool 🙂


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