Extreme Gardening – survival of the fittest

I love gardens. I love plants and flowers and perfect garden beds arranged just so, but I hate gardening.  I don’t know if this stems from some trauma from my childhood (possibly that my mother, who has the greenest thumb I know, forced me to garden with her when I was young and impressionable) or maybe that I am just not a nurturer.  Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that I struggle to keep plants alive.

I don’t go out of my way to kill them, they just seem to die.  I always start out with the best intentions; I have a vivid vision of what I want to achieve, I buy all the plants, I spend the day planting, I stand back and admire them patting myself on the back for a job well done and then a month later it has all gone to wrack and ruin.

People have tried to help me.  They give me advice, buy me pot plants, give me books but all to no avail.  If a plant is going to survive under my care, then it must be strong.  I have come to the realisation that my garden is a test for all plant-kind…only the toughest survive!

I often daydream of having a whimsical cottage garden with bright blooms and sweet fragrance or perhaps a self-sufficient vegetable garden free from pesticides and vine-ripened.  I see myself with a wide brimmed hat and a wicker basket, pruning shears in gloved hand picking and plucking and harvesting.  It is such a realistic and beautiful image…ah

It doesn’t take long for that delightful dream to turn into a disaster…

But alas! All is not lost! I have discovered that I don’t kill everything!

Here is my latest attempt and developing a green thumb-

My freshly planted seedlings

My freshly planted seedlings

The green pot I bought specially.  I even bought special soil for herbs.  I planted them on a nice cool rainy day, gave them a good drink and left them to their own devices.

The terracotta pot was a pot that was sitting in the garden with a previously deceased plant in it, old soil and nothing going for it.  I had some seedling left over, so what the hell, I planted them in it!

Six weeks later…

Six weeks later

My herbs a mere six weeks later

The green pot is doing ok but the terracotta pot…wow that coriander is a machine!

So, the whole point of this post?  Well, I suppose one point is persistance pays off and secondly if you have a brown-thumb like me just think of it as doing the world a favour by ridding the species of the weakest link…extreme gardening…only the fittest survive


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